Kitchen Table Coaching

“A gift to myself” is how my first client, my children's piano teacher, described the sessions we spent together decluttering her music studio.
And that is exactly what I want to achieve as a professional organizer: that people come to appreciate their own things in their own home. Because they have created a system for themselves, there is no longer any unnecessary clutter in the way and things are easy to find again.

If you experience chaos to a greater or lesser extent, at home, at work or simply suffer from an overcrowded attic, then I can help!
If you need a home office and you find yourself clearing Lego out of the way every morning before you log in.
And if you are going to put your house up for sale and the real estate agent thinks it should look a bit less personal in the photos.
Or if you are moving and you do not want to have to unpack the same old clutter again in your new house.
When you are expecting a baby and you would like to start on the nursery—if only there wasn’t so much stuff in the way.
If you pay a cleaning lady every week but she spends the first half hour shifting everything off the floor before she can start vacuuming.

How many hours you would need and how long it would take, depends on your personal goals. Book a free intake to find out!

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