Yes and no! Yes because it is indeed much more expensive than a cleaner. But a cleaner comes every week. For all intents and purposes, I will only visit you a few times and then you’ll be rid of me.
After which the cleaner will spend her time much more efficiently, because there is less mess and more space that is easier to clean.
To reassure you: no. I don't put a container outside your house and then halve your belongings like you may have seen on TV shows. But we take a critical look at the purpose of things; is it a keepsake or a present, or was it the wrong thing to buy at the time and you now think it's a waste of money to get rid of it? You may find that you decide something you initially wanted to keep, can go after all. But it's always your choice, not mine.
I try to create as little waste as possible and recycle as much material as we can. That could include taking items in good condition to the charity shop, or maybe you could make someone else happy with it. You could also choose to sell things online.
Yes, as a rule I don't take anything from your house. But there are always exceptions in case you don’t own a car for example.
Not necessarily. In my experience most people already have enough boxes, drawers, baskets and other storage options at home to get started. But it could also be nice to make a fresh start—don’t let me stop you!
We always start with an interview, which will take about an hour. Two three-hour sessions are a good place to start and you may already be satisfied with the result after that. But every situation is different and who knows, maybe a single morning will be enough, or you might like to work with me longer than you expected.