• Fortex Aronde Combi Plus fot pop-top caravans

    This full-fledged seasonal tent is at home in all markets. The Aronde Combi Plus can be built modularly by means of zippers. In a jiffy, you can create an awning from the awning, an awning with a canopy, an awning with canopy or even an awning with a canopy and a canopy! The side walls of the awning and the awning are made removable. In short: for a weekend camping, a holiday or a whole season, the Combi Plus is the perfect awning!

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  • The Fortex Circum awning with roofextension for pop-top caravans

    The Fortex Circum awning has a deep detachable canopy of 110cm deep. The sides are designed with rectangular windows with blackout flaps on the outside. The side panels can be completely zipped out and can be zipped half open.

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  • The Fortex Aronde Combi - Awning pop-top caravan

    The Fortex aronde Combi is a versatile awning both for short periods camping camp for a whole season. This tent can be set up in segments. starting with the awning. This is easy to set up with 1 pole pole and 3 to 5 roof bars. The side and front tensioning points and the basic state.

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  • Aronde awning canopy - Awning pop-top caravan

    In order to create an arc headroom stick is placed on the caravan side. This bow stick is from ground to ground and the round shape the caravan on both sides of the caravan is being extended up to 75cm (total 150cm). Only the tendon of the tent is confirmed in the caravan rail. The frame consists of three-pole is completely free from the caravan.

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  • The Aronde Awning - Awning pop-top caravan

    The Aronde awning is perfectly tailored for every pop-top caravan.The freestanding frame on the caravan side ensures that the tent gets the correct headroom, water drainage and living space. The additional advantage of the free-standing frame is that no single roof bar is attached to the caravan.

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  • The Fortex Aronde canopy - Awning pop-top caravan

    Fortex Caravan awnings makes each hefdakcaravan an awning to measure. To cite some examples: Eirba touring, Eriba Feeling, Eriba Future, Eriba Eribelle, Chicken 37, Chicken 32, Chicken Vision, Chicken KK300, Chicken Shelter, Trigano, Rapido, T @ B etc. To create headroom is a bow stick placed on the caravan side.

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